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Jane SingletonI’m a single Nigerian girl who would rather be in a stable relationship with long-term implications. My love life is like my room; it all feels better when everything is in the right place. Basically, though I know the drill about how a girl shouldn’t depend on a guy to make her feel complete, I prefer the person I am in a relationship. Her life is generally less messy. Anyway, now that I am single, I will pontificate on the good, bad and downright nasty of singledom.

Single Nigerian Man: What more can I say, I am a single Nigerian man, who fully intends to stop blogging in here the minute he puts “the ring” on her finger. Now where the ring is or where her finger is, is beyond the scope of this blog, but I fully intend to let someone know, the moment I do know. I am prone to stating very random facts that may or may not be related to the related topic at hand.

That I believe is enough information for this page. For more information about me, please browse this blog, it may be worth your while.

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There I said it, if you must make money through this blog, I want a cut!!!


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